The River Kelly Fund

The River Kelly Fund is founded on one of the simplest, yet most impactful purposes in life: illuminating love and joy in this present moment.

We hope to shine our light on those that provide support and bring awareness to causes including children in need, arts and education, wildlife preservation, military, veteran and first responder assistance, donor affiliations and many more organizations close to our hearts.

The objective of the River Kelly Fund is to seek out and determine areas of need and invest in those most affected. By donating to the River Kelly Fund, you are not only spreading joy, but also transforming lives for the better. We have one life to live and we hope to live it with purpose, gratitude and compassion.

River's Story

River had three short years on this earth, but he absolutely lived them to the fullest. Everything he did was full speed ahead, wild red hair swooped back with a gleaming smile on his face. His light was contagious. He found joy in the small things. He was often barefoot, digging in the dirt with his toy cars and trucks, or racing around the fields in his toy tractor or go-kart (that could never go fast enough for his liking). He was rarely seen without his Lightning McQueen car clutched in his tiny hands, exploring, climbing, and running. He loved his family and could always make someone feel better with his silly personality, and big squeezing hugs and kisses.

River is in Heaven now

River went to Heaven in June 2019 after a tragic drowning accident at our home. His final mission on this earth was to donate his organs to those in need and our tiny hero saved at least two other lives after giving his own. Our world is forever changed as he left a crater in our hearts that will never be filled. However, we have committed the rest of our lives to honoring the legacy of our son, River Kelly Smith, through our giving to community non-profits in need. We hope you will join us on this journey of spreading love to others just as River did. We hope you will join us in not only living in the present moment, but making every moment count. We hope you will join us and Live Like Riv.

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